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Cape Town, May 2010
My Mom always says that there are people who live to eat, and people who eat to live… I am delighted to say that I have always been the former. I currently live in Cape Town. In the Southern Suburbs. Which some might say doesn’t count as Cape Town, particularly as we’re in Noordhoek, which does seem to be a little world of it’s own! They say you need a bag of lentils to cross over the mountain road into Noordhoek from Cape Town because we’re all a bit farmy over here! Whoever the heck they are.
What you’ll find on this blog are humble but well-loved ‘close to the earth’ no mess no fuss recipes that pretty much anyone can cook. And also, in the Restaurant Reviews section, a small but growing guide to where to eat out in Cape Town for really good food (in my humble opinion of course).

And then there’s Rob
He’s my legendary husband. A regular bloke (well, way above regular in many ways, that’s why I married him) in the sense that he loves food, rugby, fishing, beer, wine, all that blokey stuff. And he’s our resident taster. He’s super fun to feed as he’ll honestly try anything, and he has his own repertoire of recipes that would blow your socks off. Seriously. I won’t even attempt to make his very special fillet flambee because I’m gun-shy after my one misrable attempt, so you’ll have to wait for him to guest star and hand over the secret himself.

And if you have any thoughts or comments along the way, I’d love to hear from you! Or of you have any recipes you’d like me to trial, out of sheer altruism and consideration for the general public of course, send them my way and I’ll see what I can do.

Sarah Graham
Email Me! afoodieliveshere AT gmail DOT com

Post Script – Johannesburg, December 2011
Rob, baby Sophie and I are now living in Johannesburg, along with all that that entails. I wrote a little more about it here.

afoodieliveshere In the Media
I know, how tiresome, the bragging blurb. I’m afraid it has to be done for various reasons, so just skip on over to the fun stuff if you’re not interested.

I feel beyond honoured to have a cook book, entitled bitten.  in stores in South Africa and online as of February 2012, published by the wonderful people over at RandomhouseStruik South Africa. You can read more about it here and, should you wish, you can even buy it here.

You can read the write-up of my very exciting (and butterflies-in-my-tummy-inducing) Book Launch in March 2012 here.

– Pick n’ Pay’s FRESH LIVING Magazine did a lovely write up in their March 2012 issue.
Food & Home Magazine featured ‘bitten.’ in their ‘Books for Cooks’ section of their March 2012 issue.
– The Woolworths TASTE Magazine featured ‘bitten.’ as their Book of the Month in their April 2012 issue, and also online here.
Here’s a little something they had to say via Twitter “We love it. Breath of fresh air in the world of stuffy-kitchen cookery books”
– We also cracked the nod from the April ELLE Magazine (!) and Fair Lady “We love her easy, approachable cooking style” (thanks guys!)
Garden & Home Magazine has a beautiful spread for their May ‘Home Entertaining’ feature, with pics and recipes from a real lunch party at my home.
HEAT Magazine featured ‘bitten.’ as their book of the month for May 2012.
– Woman & Home Magazine very kindly featured ‘bitten.’ as their book of the month for June 2012.

I also love being a guest blogger for South African Getaway Magazine‘s fabulous and award winning blog. Have a look and see why I feel cool by association here.

Nina Timm, one of my blogging heroines and the mastermind behind the renowned South African food blog My Easy Cooking recently featured me on her radio show with the South African radio station RSG. This is a really exciting foodie outlet for Afrikaans foodies. See the post here and more recently, here where she talks about my book and has also done a give-away.

Some of my favourite people in foodie-paraphernalia land are the every-inspiring gang over at Yuppiechef They take incredible service to a whole new level and I got a huge kick out of being featured in their monthly Spatula Online Magazine. Here‘s one of the posts.

One of my best SA food websites for everything from recipes to shopping and restaurant reviews is Eat In and they were kind enough to feature my book recently (here) along with my very precious 6 Minute Chocolate Cake Recipe (here).

The very lovable food nerds over at NOMU recently wrote a beautiful (and, might I add, rather thought-provoking) review on my book here.

I’ve recently joined the foodsters over at Food24.com and am having a whale of a time blogging about epicurean adventures in Jozi, take a look over here.

I loved my foodie stints on The Lunch Show with Josie & Luca – two of Cape Town’s hottest radio peeps who are taking the cyber airwaves by storm. Two Oceans Vibe Radio is SA’s only online station and it’s listened to by fans and aficionados around the globe. You can even pick up a couple of my podcasts here and here.

14 Feb 2012
I had fun foodie chats with Nicky and her team over at Joburg’s ChaiFM, and we enjoyed some quirky call-in’s as well as sharing the recipe for my 6 Minute Chocolate Cake with all the listeners. You can listen to the podcast here.

17 Feb 2012
I feel so honoured to have chatted with the ever-inspiring Jenny Crwys-Williams on Talk Radio 702 on her show ‘The Friday Mix’.
Website: http://www.702.co.za/shows/fridaymix.asp
Archive: Click to listen

February 2012

Blog Header Images are thanks to the wonderful and talented Lisa Clark (food stylist) and Warren Heath (photographer) who I had the pleasure and privilege of working with on the shoot for ‘bitten.’

38 responses

13 05 2010

Gosh Goon I was hoping you’d mentioned old Bert’s fillet flambee as I tried once again last week to mimic the old Graham’s secret and not even Summer the Dog would eat the sauce!!! Love it so far by the by – will have to rustle up a recipe or two.

13 05 2010

Hi! Dude, that one’s pretty hard to get right! Hilarious. I can’t risk failing twice so we’ll have to wait for Rob’s version and then you can try that! Glad you like it so far! Love ya xxx

14 05 2010

Sarah Beth – this is fantastic! Well done and have lots of fun. Please keep it coming! Love you to bits. Mom:)

14 05 2010

Two favorite things thus far: the Sarahness happening in these descriptions and I’m loving Rob’s tasting ratings–very clever. I shall be printing out the bacon pasta to try very soon! Keep going Sarah!

14 05 2010

Kate, I graciously thank you! Love that you found some things to like about it! And of course Rob loves that you gave his ratings the nod! Happy cooking. And happy photo shoot tomorrow.

16 05 2010

Se, I love this!! wow, amazing, I am so going to use some of your gems, Steve and I get so fed up with cooking and the usual so it will be great to use some of yours and robs favourites!!! Miss you guys heaps

17 05 2010

Se after looking at your blog yesterday, INSPIRATION galore, Steve and I had planned his famous pumpkin soup for dinner with crusty bread ( I will get the recipie to you!!)a s its getting chilly. I decided that I was going to make the roast of all roasts, and off I went to the butcher bought the most amazing piece of lamb, vegies deluxe, and set to work on preparing an amazing dinner for 2 of course, roasted pumpkin, sweet potato, steamed broccoli and cauliflower with cheese sauce, home made gravey!!! and I even made an apple and apricot crumble for desert, everything was so delicious, and we had a great evening just the two of us with a good bottle of red wine, so thanks se for this and reminding just how much I LOVE COOKING and FOOD x x

18 05 2010

This is so lovely – have read nearly all of it. It inspires me to cook more! 🙂 thanks Buddy

19 05 2010
Babs Graham

THANK YOU,THANK YOU!!for the 6 min microwave choc cake,Se. The house Mary (maid) told me this morning it is Bob’s (BM chap) wife’s b/day today – Lois is up here for a few days visiting her hubby. So I rounded up my loyal Gateway gals for afternoon tea today and never having baked in the m/wave before decided to try your cake in my glass casserole dish with an eggcup inside – OMG what an achievement!!Out popped this perfect cake and iced too. This is def a keeper!!

19 05 2010

hi Babs! Yay, so glad it worked so well and so glad you liked it! And well done on the improvisation!!! xxx

20 05 2010
Barbs Taylor

This is soooo good, Se! I love all your recipes. Have to make sure I keep the fridge stocked with all the ingredients! I really struggle with lunches as we all find too much bread an issue, but it is definitely soup time, so will try some of yours. Also the hot barley salad sounds like a winner! Big hug for a clever girl.. xxxx

25 05 2010

Wow Se, you never cease to amaze me!!!! Just brilliant. xxx

26 05 2010

Well done Sarah, this is fantastic!! Lol xx

28 05 2010

Hey se bear, taken me a while to finally get to this. What a simply great idea. Will def be sending you ideas. Hope you and bert are well and cooking something yummy for dinner!!! love Nix

17 06 2010

Se!!! What a great job! I’m so enjoying reading your blog! Well done! Sure you’re loving it! Hope all is well in CT!

11 08 2010
Lisa Key

Hi I read your Chef’s Warehouse blog with interest. My husband Philip was given the Luke Dale Roberts evening demo as a present from our kids, and he absolutely loved the demo. We subsequently went back to browse and chat to Liam as we have a recreational cooking school in the Karoo; African Relish. It is in the quaint town of Prince Albert, and we guess there is some synergy between our two projects. check out http://www.africanrelish.com. Thanks for your blog, I would like to follow as I am also trying to introduce our fun cooking courses and culinary tourism project to as many foodies as possible.
warm regards
Lisa Key

4 09 2010

Hi there Sarah, I have just found your lovely blog and will spend a bit of time lurking around and taking it all in. Lovely to see other foodies in this area. I am reasonably close to you in Fish Hoek. Well done and great job you are doing. Keep it up. I organized the first South African Food Bloggers Conference which took place in March this year and am starting to look at planning the next one. Would you be interested in attending such an event? Also the South African Food Bloggers Network was formed straight after the conference. You can find it on facebook. We would love you to join us there. You need to have a foodblog to join as a member. The South African Food Bloggers Showcase is for anybody who would like to show their food to others. Great blog, I will be back to look again soon, Colleen (aka browniegirl)

6 09 2010

Hi Sarah! Thanks for the great comment on my blog – I can only but return the favour, yours is fabulous as well! I’d love to grab that glass of wine and swop blogging and recipe stories! Have a lovely day 🙂

6 09 2010

Hi! Thanks Linda! Going away for work from Weds for 10 days but will get in touch when I’m back 🙂 Happy blogging in the mean time!

6 10 2010
Vine to Wine

Hey, nice meeting you at the bloggers evenings, check the link, have added you to my blogroll 😉


6 10 2010

Hey Dirk, Nice to meet you too, thanks for the link! See you at another meeting sometime no doubt. Cheers, Sarah

21 02 2011

Hi Sarah,

I’m visiting your blog for the first time today. Its an absolute pleasure to read. Keep up the good work!

21 02 2011

Thanks so much Thuli! It was lovely meeting you yesterday, I hope you have a fab week.

28 04 2011
Sarah Graham

This is very strange – i found your site because a friend of mine was looking for my @FoodFirsthand account on Twitter so she searched on my name and found you and followed you instead. My name is Sarah Graham and my husband’s name is Rob too! Pretty funny. We live in Seattle, WA, USA though. Long way from Cape Town! I’m following you on Twitter now because I too fancy myself a foodie and am enjoying your site. Cheers!

3 05 2011

Hi Sarah! VERY strange indeed! Another Sarah and Rob Graham, wow!! Love how the blogosphere brings people together like this! Great to meet you. Will follow you back on Twitter. Take care, Sarah x

13 02 2012

Yay! I just won your cookbook from Nina Timm. Can’t wait to have a look 🙂

14 02 2012

oh yay, well done for winning 😉 hope you enjoy it – let me know how you get on xxx

16 02 2012
22 02 2012
Jos Janisch

Hi Sarah – heard that you are now a super star cook and blogger – looks awesome. well done, that is great! and Sophie Grace looks like a sweetie pop. Say hi to Rob for us

22 02 2012

Hey Jos, so lovely to hear from you. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. Are you guys still in Moz? We’re in Jozi now, of all places! Doing well though and Rob and Sophie are both well – she is super cute and keeping us really busy. Will def tell Rob you say hi, and hello to your Rob too. Take care xxx

21 03 2012

Hi Sarah-
Greetings from New York City! Your dear friends brought me a (signed!) copy of “Bitten” and it’s been love at first sight. The very first page I opened to was the Lamb Bolognaise and for the past two days I’ve thought of nothing else. Last night I gave in to desire and gave it a go. How fantastic – warm and rich. I’m very much looking forward to working through the rest of the book- that lemon tart might have to be next!
Cheers! -Adam

21 03 2012

Hey Adam, so fantastic to hear from you! thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re already having fun with ‘bitten.’ I am so happy it made it safely over to you – wishing you much happy feasting. oh, and the lemon tart is one of my absolute favourites for sure. hope to meet you in the big apple some day! cheers, Sarah

27 03 2012

made the lemon tart and can highly recommend it. Not overly sweet -get the real taste of the lemon and some of the bitterness of the lemon peel! absolutley divine, will definitly be making it again … and again!

27 03 2012

Oh yay, it’s one of my favourites, so glad you enjoyed it Angela xx

4 06 2012
Camilla Zietsman

Hi Sarah, until last week I didn’t know you existed and now you have entered my very humble kitchen.. i really don’t have time for messing around as I have triplets but have managed a few things over the past few days and am over the moon!! Thank you for such great stuff!!


5 06 2012

Hi Camilla, thanks so much for getting in touch. I couldn’t be happier that you’ve found my recipes inspiring, especially coming from a Mother of 3 – did you know that you are a super hero?! Hoping they bring you much more foodie fun. Take care, Sarah x

19 07 2012
Tracey Hartzer

Hi Sarah, I was at your book launch at Hobart Centre in Joburg and have been trying some of your recipes. They are absolutely easy and awesome, except I am really struggling with the pork belly! What am I doing wrong? It tastes out of this world, but the crackling is soooo soggy!? I am cooking it in a closed casserole, and I suspect that it should not have a lid on? Please help…. Cheers Tracey

22 07 2012

Hi Tracey, thanks so much for getting in touch. I am so happy to hear that you’re enjoying ‘bitten.’ – sorry you’ve struggled with the pork belly though. It can be a best to get any crackling spot on. Ovens always differ and that could be part of the issue, I would suggest just turning the grill on for the last 3-5 minutes to crisp up the crackling Or even remove the crackling from the meat and grill just that while the meat rests before carving? Hope you have success soon – let me know how you get on. Best wishes, Sarah

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