Lip-Smacking Smoked Snoek Pate

17 08 2010

Being from a landlocked country, our friends from the sea feature far less often at our dinner table than they should, given that we are now living in Cape Town. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that I have a general ennui towards home-prepared seafood dishes, which is birthed largely out of ignorance. So I was a more than willing accomplice recently when MIL was visiting… (aka Mother in Law, and before you shudder, don’t bother – I lucked out rather significantly in this department. Babs is Fab.) Anyway, Babs arrived home one evening after trawling through a nearby organic market, and proudly proffered a rather princely fillet of smoked snoek. Her idea was to turn it into Snoek Pate… Read the rest of this entry »