Cat got my tongue?

22 12 2010

Well no, cat hasn’t got my tongue actually, I have just been stupidly busy the last couple of weeks, caught up in  your typical pre-Christmas, end of year craziness and some not-so-typical moving house madness.

And now, I find myself in Brisbane all set for Christmas with Rob’s family. aka, ‘Chrissy in Brissy with the rellies, Mate’. We will officially be all set as soon as I have been to the shops and bought a Boney M Christmas CD!

We spent the last 3 days in Papua New Guinea (!) with Rob’s parents Al and Babs as they are working on a telecommunications contract there. It’s kind of like Uganda meets Jurassic Park, and definiltey like nowhere else I’ve ever been. I am guessing you are not quite picturing it yet, but I will remedy that just as soon as I find time to do a post on it.

Until then, I wish you all a beautiful and blessed Christmas filled with lots of deliciousness!



One response

22 12 2010

what’s on your table for Christmas lunch this year? We are doing the standard ham!!! don’t feel very inventive this year, but some ideas for a nice pudding would be good. anyone?????

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