Pretty Super Superette

27 09 2010

Nothing tastes as good as something that exceeds your expectations on a random Saturday morning. We were headed for The Old Biscuit Mill last weekend, and since hearing some pretty cool stuff about hippy-funky-deli-vibe Superette, have had an itch I needed to scratch about getting over there. And boy are we glad we did.

Superette is the kind of place where you can sit in a sunbeam with a (very decent) cup of coffee and lose yourself in your all-day breakfast, well, all day. Watch the world go by and feel like a real eco-warrior just by being on the premises. And a happy array of fresh organic produce stacked on a table for purchase top it all off nicely.

The service might be as organic as the food, but to be honest (and it’s not often I say this) it’s almost endearing in this context and you’d be silly to go there in a rush anyway. After all, wholesome, well-loved fresh food takes time to prepare, and I for one don’t feel any impetus to mess with that.

Everything about Superette is engaging and earthy, and you can taste their funk-less-the-fuss philosophy in every bite.

I opted for the all-day breakfast – no regrets. Scrambled eggs cooked to perfection on delicious ciabatta (baked in house of course). Next time I reckon I’ll take a cue from rob and have his 8/10-rated croque madame option (‘wife’ of the traditional French croque monsieur) – Ham and Cheese with an added egg).

Open Monday to Friday from 9 till 4
and Saturday from 9 till 2
Closed Public Holidays
218 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town
021 802 5525 |



3 responses

28 09 2010

The hippie in me is loving the look and feel of this place. Must visit

28 09 2010

Yip, really not optional, enjoy!

28 09 2010
Michael Massingham

Yip, got to agree its a pretty super place… loved the whole vibe and definitely a great place for a chilled Saturday morning brunch…

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