Nothing Amateur about The Apprentice in Stellenbosch

11 08 2010

The Apprentice is the talent showcase and real-life training ground for students of the Institute of Culinary Arts in Stellenbsoch. And if our brunch there on Monday was anything to go by, they seem to have a pretty delicious formula going on.

11 of us descended on the sleepy public holiday streets of Stellenbosch fairly early on Monday morning, and with The Apprentice being one of the only brunch-y spots open, we didn’t hesitate to take the gap.

And even though I’ll have to work twice as hard at the gym this week, I will never regret meeting my perfect stack of french toast with maple syrup, crispy bacon, grilled banana, toasted pecan nuts and creme fraiche…

Other breakfast delights included eggs benedict fit for a king, pancakes with sweetcorn, bacon and syrup, and of course the good old full English. And lots of really, really good coffee on the side. And if you’re feeling really rustic you could even go for the ‘pap and wors’ option…

The eager waiters handled the bunch of us with admirable aplomb, and we left with happiness in our tummies ready to face the rest of a lazy women’s day public holiday n Cape Town.

So next time you’re passing through Stellies, do yourself a favour and stop in for a bite next to the merry log fire and soak up the winter ambience. You might even see us there, because one thing’s for sure, we will be back.

Oude Hoek Centre
Andringa Street
021 887 8985



2 responses

18 08 2010

Love them too! Used to enjoy the sundowner tapas they had going at one point – is that still on?

19 08 2010

No idea! Will try and find out – sounds great though!

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