Manna Epicure, Kloof Street

27 05 2010

If I said that to me, Manna is the quintessential eclectic tea room, it would give you an indication of where this is going, but I know that I’d banish all the boys from this conversation immediately. So let me rather say that it’s a funked up deli with a fabulous menu on Kloof St that is unabashedly metro-sexual. Get my drift?

Manna can almost literally be translated as ‘food from Heaven’, so they’re big on bringing out food that’s worthy of this lofty title. Rob and I decided to have a lazy Sunday brunch there last weekend, and it absolutely hit the spot. The almost all-white interior is serene and that along with the friendly staff immediately puts you at ease.

Their menu is delightfully different. Almost as soon as we’d sat down we were welcomed with a board of thinly sliced and toasted raisin and walnut bread, along with cute little triangles of ciabatta bread. Our tea came in real china cups with a dainty ginger biscuit on the side – my fave, and yes I know, that’s where the picture most certainly gets rather un-blokey and at this point Rob did give me a bemused raised eyebrow. He was however soon distracted by the arrival of his Lamb Burger with minted tzatziki and french fries.

I had smoked salmon, avocado, poached egg and toasted coconut bread. Our waitress said that this is their signature dish, and I certainly can’t argue with that.

We could also have chosen to eat anything from seared tuna, beef fillet, tapas platters, open sandwiches, home-made muesli with fruit and bulgarian yoghurt or some really yummy sounding salads. The menu is really creative and just reading it is epicurean entertainment in itself. Oh and the cup cakes look, well, celestial.

Any buts?
Value for money I would put at about a 6.5/10 I think.
The whole ‘heavenly’ white vibe is great, but in one corner of the restaurant it borders on cold and they could do with adding a little more soft lighting or wall features.
It might not become your new Saturday or Sunday staple, but definitely go and check it out.
151 Kloof Street, Cape Town
Tel 021 426 2413




One response

9 06 2010

I ate the exact same thing there. I made the mistake of putting a bite of salmon and egg ON the coconut bread. The coconut bread is singularly amazing, but that one bite colored the whole experience for me. I support your review!

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