Have your way with Cous Cous

13 05 2010

Rob loves cous cous. Thankfully. Because you can honestly have a steaming bowl on the table in under 5 minutes, it looks great, keeps well in the fridge for lunch the next day, and is left-overs’ best friend because you can throw almost anything into the mix and cous cous is ever-obliging and welcoming.

So, here’s Cous Cous 101 for you. Thank me later.

Serves 4 | Preparation time 2 minutes | Cooking time 3 minutes. I kid you not.
1.5 cups cous cous
About 2 cups good quality stock (anything but fish stock)
Handful of all, or some, of the following: pumpkin seeds, chick peas, crumbed feta, sundried or cherry tomatoes, avocado, toasted pine nuts
And roughly chopped handfuls of some or all of these herbs: rocket, coriander, mint, parsley


1. Pour the un-cooked cous cous into a large bowl.

2. Cover with boiling water, I don’t even measure usually but it’s roughly 2 cups water/stock. So until you have about 3mm water over the top, which will soon be absorbed. If you have a stock cube, dissolve it first and then use that cup of water as part of the final 2 cups water. If you are using stock powder just add it to the bowl before adding the water.

3. Cover and leave to stand until all the water is absorbed, about 3 minutes.

4. Test a small mouthful with a fork, it should be quite light and fluffy. Stir loosely with a fork (you don’t want to turn it into mush) and if you’d like you can add a knob of butter or drizzle of olive oil at this stage.

5. Then add the above tomatoes, avocado, herbs etc.

You are now done. Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

A favourite variation is to have very simple cous cous with 2 Tbsp basil or coriander pesto mixed through.



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13 05 2010
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