Minted Yoghurt with Cucumber

13 05 2010

This goes wonderfully with a lamb curry, or even bbq’d chicken or lamb chops. It’s also great in wraps. More about those later.

Serves 4 as an accompaniment | Preparation time 4 minutes

About 1/4 English cucumber, or 2 mini cucumbers (my new favourite any-time snack slash salad friend)
Handful of fresh mint
3/4 cup natural yoghurt

1. Roughly chop the English cucumber.

2. Roughly chop the mint and add to a jug with the plain yoghurt.

3. Whiz for about 30 seconds with a blender, if you don’t have one no problem just chop and mix anyway.

4. Pour the minted yoghurt over the chopped cucumber and serve in little mini-bowls.



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