Our favourite Lebanese Lamb Pasta

12 05 2010

So this really is an old favourite, and I have my dear friend Elizabeth to thank for it. It’s budget friendly and super easy, and we used to cook it during exams when we were at the University of Cape Town together. A bowl of this goes down a treat as the key element to a delightful study break, or as a no-mess-no-fuss winter dinner with the proverbial glass of red wine as a more than suitable accompaniment. Oh, and I forgot to mention that Elizabeth is partly Lebanese – that’s where that comes in. So I guess you could say it’s adapted loosely from an old Lebanese family favourite (because no one cooks it quite like they do).

Serves 4 | Preparation time 15 minutes | Cooking time 45-60 minutes
Rob’s rating: 8/10 as it’s pretty hard to get perfectly right, but when you do it’s 10/10

3/4 packet spaghetti – Rob always insists that I use angel hair or really thin spaghetti
2 cloves garlic, chopped
750g Lamb – I prefer to use neck, or chump chops or both, include the bones as they add more flavour
2 tins chopped peeled tomatoes
1 tsp tried chilli or 1 fresh chilli de-seeded
2 Tbsp chutney / sweet chilli sauce / 1 Tbsp sugar
1 bunch fresh parsley, roughly chopped
S + P to taste

1. Cook the pasta until al dente and set aside. Drizzle with a little olive oil when drained so that it doesn’t all stick together.
2. In a large pot heat about 4 Tbsp olive oil, brown the garlic and meat (you might need to brown the meat in 2 batches).
3. Add the tinned tomatoes and chilli, chutney/sugar/sweet chilli (this staves off the acidity of the tomatoes)
Simmer for at least 30-45 minutes. The longer the better.
Add as much freshly ground black pepper as you like, and salt to taste.
Roughly chop the parsley into the lamb dish before serving. No parsley no problem (you could garnish with rosemary) but it does hold its own quite nicely and of course the green and red look beautiful together.

That’s it! Seriously, couldn’t be easier.

Variations: You can use cous cous instead of pasta. You can also serve it with a simple side salad.



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13 05 2010
Meg Massingham

Dude, This ROCKS!!! Can’t think of a better person to have a foodie blog. Already so interesting, funny and delicious. Onward and upward!!

ps. this meal – YUM! +1

13 05 2010

Hi Rig! Ah thanks man!! Here’s to delicious-ness 🙂 And friends to share it with of course!! xxx

13 05 2010
Our Ultimate Lamb Curry « afoodieliveshere's blog

[…] YOU’LL NEED 750g lamb – as with the Lebanese Lamb Pasta, I usually go for arm or chump chops and add in a bit of neck for some variety. Almost anything […]

15 05 2010
Jason Schirato

Please thank Parker for the best recipe ever!!!! Was great!

15 05 2010

Ha! Fantastic, will do!! 🙂 Thanks for writing!!

5 07 2012

Hi Sarah,

I must say I love your book ‘Bitten’ and have tried about ten of the recipes since I got it. I made this Lebanese lamb stew with cous-cous and green beans last night and it was fabulous!

The only recipe that I couldn’t get right was the dark chocolate truffles. I did everything exactly as instructed, but it came out way too ‘thin’. Even after an hour in the fridge. Luckily I had some meringues and made a quick pudding of it. 🙂

What do you think went wrong?



10 07 2012

Hi Leani, sorry for taking so long to reply. I see you posted a message on my Food24 blog as well, thanks for following up on this, how disappointing for you. The usual ratio is roughly 1:1 for the chocolate to the cream, and though my recipe has slightly more cream than chocolate, others have tried it, and I haven’t had any other feedback that it hasn’t worked. Unless they just didn’t feel like writing in which if course is quite possible. Did you use reduced fat cream by any chance? Perhaps try it next time with 50ml cream instead of 150ml, and then add in slightly more if the mixture seems too thick. Also, what chocolate did you use? Take care, Sarah

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